Club Crush: December 31, 1988

February 26, 2015 – 2:37 pm

Fan of the blog Maitland Jones of Brooklyn, NY submitted this gem, a recording of Club Crush from New Year’s Eve 1988/New Year’s 1989, complete with a countdown with Easy M and G. This is by far the oldest PRB tape in the archive, so huge thanks to Maitland for sharing!

  • The Symphony… Juice Crew
  • My Philosophy… Boogie Down Productions
  • Raw… Big Daddy Kane
  • Long break with G & others / Countdown to midnight
  • Night of the Living Baseheads (Remix)… Public Enemy (track of the year)
  • Redder Posse… Masters of Ceremonies
  • The 900 Number… DJ Mark the 45 King (beat of the year)

You can download the file at its Internet Archive page.

Raw Deal: April 30, 1992

February 20, 2015 – 9:15 pm

This tape was labeled only “post-Rodney King,” which leads me to believe it aired the day after the April 29, 2002 “not guilty” verdict came in for the LAPD officers in their beating of Rodney King in March of the previous year.

Some interesting local and underground stuff played at the beginning of side A and through side B when Tone rolls into the studio with some fresh-out-the-studio DATs.

Side A

  • Intro
  • Ed O.G. drop (static)
  • (I cut the much of the first set of music in my unfortunate “save tape” mode, but here’s the tracks that were played based on G’s rundown):
    • A Friendly Game of Baseball… Main Source
    • Who Protects Us From You?… Boogie Down Productions
    • A Day of Outrage (Operation Snatchback)… X Clan
    • No Justice, No Peace… Lakim Shabazz
    • Warning… Paris
    • The Hate That Hate Made… Paris
    • Get the F Outta Dodge… Public Enemy
    • Pigs… Cypress Hill
  • Money B/Raw Fusion drop (partial)
  • Break
  • Ultramagnetic MC’s drop
  • Time for Us to Defend Ourselves… MC Shan
  • Fight the Power… Public Enemy
  • Burn Hollywood Burn (feat. Ice Cube & Big Daddy Kane)… Public Enemy (cut)
  • 100 Guns… Boogie Down Productions (cut)
  • Take It Personal… Gang Starr
  • Uptown Anthem… Naughty By Nature
  • Hand on the Glock… Cypress Hill
  • Hand on the Pump… Cypress Hill
  • Break (DJ Kam in studio)
  • Strobelight Honey (Remix)… Black Sheep
  • Know the Ledge… Eric B. & Rakim (cut)
  • Can’t Run, Can’t Hide… Groovy Productions
  • You Can’t See What I Can See… Heavy D (cut?)
  • Jump Around… House Of Pain
  • Fingertips (Clap Your Hands) (instrumental)… E.S.P.
  • Duck Down… Boogie Down Productions (side ends)

Side B

  • Duck Down… Boogie Down Productions (end)
  • Young Ladeez Drive Me Crazee… Baritone Tiplove
  • Break (Tone and Troy Wonder in studio)
  • Fu-Schnickens (cut)
  • Lose ‘Em (feat. BeFyne)… Tony D
  • Treach drop
  • A Tribe Called Quest (cut)
  • The Original Man (later titled “Who’s the Man?”)… B Chill & The Secret Squirrels
  • Courageous Chief drop
  • Police Brutality… Crusaders for Real Hip-Hop
  • Shuckin’ and Jivin’… The Hillbillies
  • La Schmoove… Fu-Schnickens (cut)
  • Break
  • Geto Boys St. Ides ad
  • They Want EFX… Das EFX (cut)
  • Big Mama (Remix?)… Shane
  • Eye Examination… Del the Funky Homosapien
  • Pluckin’ Cards… Ultramagnetic MC’s (cut)
  • Deep Cover (feat. Snoop Dogg)… Dr. Dre
  • Babalu Bad Boy… Mellow Man Ace
  • Zulu drop (side ends)

(You can download this tape at its Internet Archive page.)

H.E. Tai Situ Rinpoche: “Ten Knowledges & Art”

February 19, 2015 – 8:49 pm

This audio cassette rip comes from a talk His Eminence The 12th Tai Situ Rinpoche (Pema Tönyö Nyinje) did at the University of California, Santa Cruz on May 23, 1982 titled “Ten Knowledges & Art.” It was released in very plain typewritten packaging with the label number HETS-1. I probably bought this at a library book sale or a thrift store sometime in the 1990s.

Download the whole package at the Internet Archive page.

Rain & Thunderstorms

February 19, 2015 – 6:48 pm

Back in the early 1990s, my friend Greg Schwartzkopf let me dub a tape of a stereo recording he made of rain and thunder from his room in Medford, NJ.

This is that tape.

(Download the audio at the Internet Archive page.)

Club Crush: January 25, 1990

July 4, 2014 – 6:14 pm

Here’s the tape I’ve been searching for for years: the first time I heard Tony D, G, and Eazy-M on WPRB. I thought it was from summer or fall 1989, but apparently I’m just getting old: the tape is likely from January 1990 based on the songs that were played. For instance, there was a world premiere of a Queen Latifah song that John Book said came out around springtime 1990. However, I have a tape explicitly labeled for February 1, 1990, so I’m going to assume this tape came from the week before and G just happened to get a white label release before the official release.

This episode is the one that started a four year ritual of listening every week and taping almost every show. In addition to an incredible selection of NJ hip-hop, the banter between Tony D, Eazy-M, and G is classic.

Track listing

  • Time to Say Peace… Poor Righteous Teachers
  • Do You Want to Get Hype… Too Kool Posse
  • unknown instrumental
  • Manifest… Gang Starr
  • (break)
  • (classic PRB t-shirt ad)
  • Queen Latifah… Mama Gave Birth To The Soul Children (feat. De La Soul) (world premiere)
  • Boogie Down Productions… You Must Learn
  • Original Stylin’… Three Times Dope
  • Another Victory… Big Daddy Kane
  • Evil That Men Do… Queen Latifah (cut very short)

(You can download the show in various formats at the Internet Archive page.)