105.3 WDAS Rap Digest with Mimi Brown, Early 1989

February 25, 2017 – 12:00 pm


I was surprised to come across this gem from Philly’s WDAS 105.3 FM in early 1989 (I’m guessing this is an episode of the “Rap Digest,” but I’m not 100% sure). I usually listened to DAS for classic soul, but when they did hip-hop, they did it well.

Parrish Smith from EPMD calls in on a snowy winter day to discuss a show with Superlover Cee & Casanova Rud the following night in Philly, EPMD’s travels in that country called Africa, and the upcoming album. They say to expect the album (which has five complete cuts so far) in May. They ended up beating that date, releasing the album on April 1, 1989.

Track list after the jump.


Surf-Sations: An Audio Shore Experience

December 7, 2016 – 8:43 pm

I picked this tape up during one of many childhood visits to either North Wildwood or Cape May, NJ. It’s recorded at Sunset Beach at Cape May Point and was released by “The Royal River Company,” which was based in Medford Lakes, next door to my hometown. It’s like most other recordings of the beach: waves and seagulls.

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Roxanne Mix (Power 99), etc.

June 30, 2016 – 10:57 pm

Roxanne Mix

If I were to try and define an origin story for my musical interests, this tape would be right at the beginning of it.

My aunt used to cut my hair. And when I would visit her house for a haircut, I’d also hang out with my cousin Greg, who’s about six years my senior. It was him that introduced me to hip-hop, scratching, the magic of Philly MCs, and breaking. While I never attempted a windmill, I did latch onto hip-hop music from the moment he first played it for me. This tape was one he gave to me when I was maybe 9 or 10 years old and it was my sole hip-hop possession until I purchased Fat Boys and L.L. Cool J vinyl with my own money. The one song that stuck with me most was UTFO’s “Roxanne, Roxanne.” I even went so far as to use the instrumental for an anti-drug rap I performed with friends for an elementary school “Say No to Drugs” project (“Coke, nose candy, dust, it’s all the same, / If you use it… you’re insane!”).

The first side features a 24-minute Roxanne mix that aired on Power 99 (WUSL) in Philadelphia. I love it for its simplicity — from the basic scratches over the dub version of Sparky D’s “Sparky’s Turn (Roxanne You’re Through),” to the heavily echoed Lady B “oh my goodness!” at the end of “The Real Roxanne,” to the dope electro-tinged “Do the Roxanne (Dance)” by Dr. Rocx & Co.. It closes out with a super-rare live Disco C Roxanne rhyme over Sparky D’s instrumental. The flip side has a couple more Roxannes as well as UTFO’s “Bite It” which I loved for the beatboxing Gremlin. Just for fun, there’s some “Pac Man Fever” and Billy Idol as well.

I’m glad to finally get this tape digitized because it’s one of those that got to the point it would get eaten by my tape deck every other time I played it. Now it’s safe.

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The Scott Zimmerman Show (KUSF) – March 23, 1992

May 28, 2016 – 8:05 pm

In the early 1990s I was active on GEnie (think Prodigy or AOL, but text-based) and one of the folks I met on there was Scott Zimmerman. Scott was a couple of years older and had a radio show in San Francisco, so of course I bugged him to play one of my horrible songs on his show. He obliged. He played my track alongside one by Loud Sugar, a group whose album I later hunted down on tape for a buck or so.

Here’s the tape he made for me. Pardon my terrible track — I was only 16.

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Trancelike State 039703 – Stardate 79.72.30

May 26, 2016 – 9:13 pm

Here’s the sxith in the Trancelike State series (others), my electronica mix show from college.

Tracklist after the jump.

(As a reminder to explain my goofy show titling/dating convension: the episode number of 039703 can be translated pretty simply: March 1997, third mix of the month. The “star date” was just my stupid way of designating specifically when the mix was done by writing the date backwards (so 79.72.30 is March 27, 1997).

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