WMWC Carts, Station IDs, etc., part 2

April 25, 2008 – 8:11 am

I came across another partial-tape of station IDs and carts from WMWC earlier this week. Most of the content is the same as the stuff that was on this tape, but there are few other items from the Instant Replay that I couldn’t fit on the other tape. I’ve cut the file down to just the new content.

Here’s a rundown. Again, parts featuring me are marked with a *:

  1. * Sometimes We Actually Play Hip-Hop station ID (1997)
  2. * April Fools’ Day News (1998)
  3. * April Fools’ Day show segment (1998)
    I’d totally forgotten about this goofy segment from one of my last shows. The caller is Liza Eagles.
Does this post look like it's missing a download or streaming link? I'm currently in the (slow) process of getting the content moved over to the Internet Archive for a more permanent hosting solution. If you'd like me to hurry up already and get this particular audio back online soon, leave a comment!

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