Club Crush/Raw Deal: June 13, 1991

August 8, 2007 – 5:32 pm
You're viewing an archived episode of Club Krush or Raw Deal that aired on WPRB. From May 2015 on, you should visit the Raw Deal Radio Archives for a more complete (and still growing) collection of shows, playlists, photos, drops, and more. Read more here...

I’m going to start with a 90-minute tape I converted to MP3 of an old WPRB episode of Club Crush/Raw Deal (they were going through a name change at this point in time) from 1991. I have probably a hundred tapes of this show and am trying to digitize them all. This was, by far, the most important and formative radio show from my younger years. Every Thursday night, I’d call up my friend and we’d flip on 103.3 to check out what Easy M, G, and Tony D had in store. They always played great local hip-hop as well as national-level stuff, and even some reggae.

The show was hugely influential to me… it shaped how I structured my own shows when I got to college and taught me that, hey, it’s OK to dig deeper than what mainstream radio gives you.

Enjoy this great collection from 16 years ago.

Side A [ download ]:

Side B [ download ]: (check out ~6 minutes in for a great example of what was happening in NJ hip-hop in 1991):

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  2. My friend Andy Newman was raving about your site, and I definitely see what he means.
    You have a lot of obscure hip-hop on here that I’ve never heard before.

    If you could re-up the links for these, it would be greatly appreciated.



    By Kevin on Jul 6, 2014

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