Raw Deal: July 18, 1991

August 15, 2007 – 5:43 pm
You're viewing an archived episode of Club Krush or Raw Deal that aired on WPRB. From May 2015 on, you should visit the Raw Deal Radio Archives for a more complete (and still growing) collection of shows, playlists, photos, drops, and more. Read more here...

This tape kicks off with a drop by Ice-T and, later, features perhaps the laziest-sounding drop ever courtesy of KRS-One. This episode comes not too long after this previously posted episode where Easy M, G, and Tony D were still in transition from “Club Crush” to “Raw Deal.” Here, we’re firmly in “Raw Deal” territory. The date is an estimate, but for you nerds who want to know how I calculated it: G discusses having just seen Boyz ‘N the Hood, which came out on Friday, July 12, 1991 (via All Movie Guide). In addition, he comments about how Almighty & KD Ranks’ “Trenton Where We From” will be available “very soon.” According to the All Music Guide, it was released on Tuesday, July 24, 1991. There’s only one Thursday between those dates, and that’s July 18.

Sometimes, I wish I had just labeled these tapes better.

So, the music. On side A, there’s some good local NJ hip-hop from Willingboro’s own Courageous Chief as well as an unreleased track (as far as I know) from KMC and Insane Poetry titled “No Title for This.” There’s also the great juxtaposition of a St. Ides ad and an alcohol/drug awareness PSA. Side B suffers from some occasional static (I wasn’t always listening live when I was recording a show), but has an interesting news report midway through and ends with a solid set of dope Trenton hip-hop courtesy of Tony D, including tracks from the Too Cool Posse, Almighty and KD Ranks, and an unreleased one from Tone himself with Rahzii Hi-Power . There’s also an incredibly dope St. Ides ad from Rakim on side B and my favorite Courageous Chief track, “Russian Roulette.”

You’ll note some occasional cutting out. I cut a song or two and some commercials as I was recording to save space. This was more common with later shows, as I had built up recordings of many of the songs they’d play from week to week. Of course, looking back, I wish I hadn’t, but hey, I was a broke high school student and had to pay for the blank tapes. Had to save space somehow.


You can download the show at its Internet Archive page.

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  2. dope dope dope. thanks a lot for this.


    By G on Dec 7, 2007

    Thank you

    By 215hiphopDOTcom on Dec 26, 2007


    By RAHZii Hi POWER on Mar 1, 2008

  5. hey man thanks for this, keep putting up more raw deal shows up, never known sooo much dopeness in such a short space of time

    By will on Mar 11, 2008

  6. WOW!!! Dont even know how I found this site but I am glad I did…This brings me back to my HS days listenin to PRB til the early morning makin that tape for the walkman!!! AND I CANT BELIEVE I FINALLY GOT TO HEAR RUSSIAN ROULETTE AGAIN!!! Cant find that track anywhere its a CLASSIC!!! THANKS!

    By NickR on Apr 1, 2008

  7. HOLY SHIT!!! OMG!!! I’m gonna mastrubate to this! I used to listen to the raw deal religiously, i was a teenager just learning how to mix and scratch. This was a huge influence to me. WOW! Talk about a throwback!

    By White Owl on Sep 10, 2008

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