Club Crush: November 29, 1990

August 20, 2007 – 12:04 pm
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In the first couple of weeks, Normal Bias has racked up some interesting listeners: Tony D and G (two of the three hosts of Club Crush/Raw Deal) as well as Pumis Sweet Love and B Fine, old school heads from the Trenton scene. It’s kind of weird all these years later to be in touch with these people who I grew up listening to week after week. Good stuff.

So, some more Club Crush for you. This one comes a week after Thanksgiving, 1990 and kicks off with an incredible set. It features a remix of “Can I Kick It?” followed by “Tom’s Diner” (?!!) and a wicked remix of “Gas Face.” Then it rolls into one of my favorite King Sun joints, “Be Black.” Marquis from the Too Kool Posse joins G, Tone, Dre, and Easy M in the studio. Tone declares the “Gas Face” remix “booty.” Gee, I can’t imagine why (he and Serch had some serious beef back then). There’s also a great PRT drop I don’t remember hearing too often where they say, “When we’re not tied up in Tony D’s basement with strands of spaghetti, we’re listening to WPRB, Princeton.”

Side B’s a little shorter than usual. Not sure why. Troy Wonder and Candy Cane are in the studio. Apparently The Hillbillies (of “Bottom of the Hamper Jam” fame) rolled through between breaks, too.

Our next post will be a non-PRB post to mix things up a bit.

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