The Union Deposit Road – Junky (demo) [1997]

October 9, 2007 – 2:22 pm

Junky demo J-cardThis time around, we head into demo territory. Here we have The Union Deposit Road, a band that existed from 1994-1998, based in Fredericksburg, VA featuring members from Wheeling, WV including my college friend Corey. I salvaged this tape from WMWC, the radio station at Mary Washington College, a few years ago when they were jettisoning their mini-collection of cassettes. This demo features two alternate mixes (I think) of tracks that later appeared on the American Rock Classic album (downloadable for free at Corey’s Wheeling Hardcore page).

For fun, here’s a scan of the case itself, complete with comments from an anonymous WMWC staffer (click for full-size):

Junky demo case - WMWC

“OK, only two songs here but boy are they great. Intense, passionate, balancing that tenuous line between euphoria and rage. In my opinion. And they’re from F-burg!


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