Club Crush (and Too Smooth): 1990

October 22, 2007 – 1:44 pm
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The past few WPRB posts, I’ve been able to pretty closely determine the date of a given show based on song release dates, movie references, ads, and other comments made during the breaks. This tape’s tough, though. I know it’s pre-June 1991 because it’s “Club Crush” rather than “Raw Deal” and I’m 99% sure it’s 1990 based on the song selection. Beyond that, I can’t really say. I’m also pretty sure that side A and side B are from different dates, probably consecutive weeks.

Side A is the closing of one episode. Tracks include one by Isis (not sure of the title “The Power of Myself is Moving,” thanks, Daren), “Looking Out My Front Door” by Main Source, Big Shot by King Sun, and an excellent “fast rap”-era track by Trenton’s own B. Fine and The Funk Family with Tony D titled “Lose ‘Em.” The show closes out with some PRT, Brand Nubian, and the KMD “Peach Fuzz” instrumental. During the closing shout-outs, you’ll hear one of mine, from “Lazy B” to DJ Qwik-Cut and “Dre Ski” (which I’m pretty sure was supposed to be Jay-Ski, but I guess they heard me wrong). After the shouts is some of Easy M’s underground house show that he did with a dude named Fresh J. The show was titled “Too Smooth.” Nothing too remarkable here other than tracks near the end that sampled Prince and the “I’ve fallen and I can’t get up” lady.

Side B is the first 45 minutes of the next show featuring some great 1990 hip-hop from X-Clan, Special Ed, Master Ace, and Eazy-E (including a “Tom’s Diner” accapella mixed with the “Eazy Street” instrumental!). The break features the King Sun “Be Black” instrumental. Easy M, G, and Dre are in the studio. Tone steps up to the wheels for the last segment of the tape, which kicks off with an excellent track by Gusto and some others (I think it’s called “Rated XXX (360 Degrees”). Perhaps Tone can provide the exact title and artist for this one.

Side A [ download ]:

Side B [ download ]:

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  2. Crazy my ninja! Appreciate the flashback. Not sure which track you were talking about. Do any of these have any live freestlyes with me & YZ? Holla back.

    By Bobbie Fine aka B.Fine on Oct 22, 2007

  3. i think the group’s 360 Degrees and the song “reality.”

    thanks so much for putting up these tapes.

    By noz on Dec 6, 2007

  4. props on side b, will listen to the others asap:)peace

    By Hatchet on Dec 25, 2007

  5. wow thank you so much for this damn

    even bobbie fine commented the original the master technician

    By kmart on Apr 29, 2008

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