Trancelike State 019701 – Stardate 79.61.10

October 29, 2007 – 1:22 pm

Here’s the first Normal Bias entry featuring one of my own radio shows. I was pretty obsessive about recording my shows during college but, sadly, I didn’t record every show. Nevertheless, I do have the entire series of a 45-minute show I did weekly during the Spring 1997 semester at WMWC titled Trancelike State. It was part of a three-hour show that also featured jazz and reggae (if I remember correctly). I’ve always held a spot in my heart for the Trancelike State mixes because they carried a particular mood throughout each set, had decent blends, and captures that mid-to-late 90’s electronica vibe.

While I played a fair amount of jungle and drum-n-bass, I also snuck in experimental stuff from DJ Spooky, turntablism, downtempo beats, and left-field Jamaican dub selections.

This is the first episode, a special 90-minute set. The episode number of 019701 can be translated pretty simply: January 1997, first mix of the month. The “star date” was just my stupid way of designating specifically when the mix was done by writing the date backwards (so 79.61.10 is January 16, 1997).

I’ve included track listings. If you’d like to see what future episodes of Trancelike State hold, visit this cached Internet Archive page. You can download this episode on its Internet Archive page or stream it below the setlist.

Side A

  1. Girl Boy (18 pound Snore Rush Mix)… Aphex Twin
  2. The Nocturnal (Back On the Firm)… Peshay
  3. Trouble Again (Nervous World Dub Plate)… King Kong (Remixed by Simon Templa)
  4. Abducted (UFO Mix)… DJ Soul Slinger
  5. Invasion of the Octopus People… Invisibl Skratch Piklz
  6. The Terran Invasion of Alpha Centuri Year 2794… DJ Spooky
  7. No Man’s Land… Mad Professor
  8. Burial Dub… Sly & Robbie

Side B

  1. Ganga Dub (African Beat)… Scientist
  2. Solar System… Mad Professor
  3. Guntalk (Jungle Dark Lick)… Redrose & Rebel (Remixed by Brotherhood)
  4. Ethiopia… DJ Soul Slinger
  5. This Is Los Angeles… Lemon D
  6. Quark Soup… We
  7. Inspection (Check One)… Leftfield

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  2. this is right up my alley, esp for what I was freaking like 10 years ago. nice post, and site!

    By khal on Dec 7, 2007

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