Raw Deal: 1992

November 30, 2007 – 4:43 pm
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Thanks to Normal Bias reader Daren who passed along today’s tape from his own collection. It’s half a show, presented in a single file. Daren said the tape was circa 92 or 93, but I’m going to say 92 based on the song selection, plus the inclusion of the “new” Funk Family track “Think Before You Step,” which B. Fine tells me was probably released in 1992.

This is a good set, from a night when the studio was full: Jay-Ski, Cosmic Kev, AJ Shine, Three Nations in One (whose DJ, Scratch reportedly “cut with his mouth”), DJ Kam, Tone, B. Chill (RIP), B. Fine and the Funk Family, YZ, and Zulu the One Man Gang in the studio. There’s a good interview segment in there with B. Chill and his brother B. Fine. Hopefully I can find the rest of this show in my collection at some point because there was a Thursday Night Live freestyle session that had to be dope with that line-up in the house.


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