Follow-up: Thursday Night Live, circa 1992

December 27, 2007 – 4:57 pm

Back on this post, I mentioned that the Thursday Night Live section of the show wasn’t included. Reader Tom (also the first person to ever contact me about old PRB shows, it should be noted) wrote in:

What’s up, Laze. We’ve corresponded about this PRB stuff before. I noticed the most recent entry and had to dig into my tapes to send you something. I have a freestyle featuring most of the folks you mentioned in the post. Could be the missing half of the most recently posted show. At the very least, it would make a good submission to the site.

When I listened, I clearly remembered this episode, so I must have it on tape somewhere as well. Thanks for sending it in, Tom!

And so, here it is, an excellent Thursday Night Live session from 1992:


Does this post look like it's missing a download or streaming link? I'm currently in the (slow) process of getting the content moved over to the Internet Archive for a more permanent hosting solution. If you'd like me to hurry up already and get this particular audio back online soon, leave a comment!

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