The Best of WPRB

January 23, 2008 – 1:55 pm

I was stoked this past weekend when I came across a crate of tapes I’d misplaced a few months ago, before starting this site.  At the very top of the crate was my “Best of Raw Deal” tape (renamed for this post “Best of WPRB” since it goes back to the Club Crush days).  I think I had intended to build on this tape as time went on, but never got beyond the 45 minutes included here.

But, what a 45 minutes it is.  Here’s a run-down of what you get, all from 1990-1992 “Thursday Night Live” sessions:

  • Intro
  • Treach
    The Naughty By Nature frontman does some familiar verses that later wound up on albums.
  • Supreme (?)
    Performing an interesting track titled “Delilah and Jezebel.”  Not 100% sure who the artist is.
  • Tony D
    “I’m gonna do some TV stuff” he says before dropping into some lyrics that later wound up on the Crusaders for Real Hip-Hop album.
  • Rza
    This here is the gem.  A pre-Wu Tang Rza (Prince Rakeem) kicks a clever rhyme with hidden meaning.  I’ve always wanted to ask him about this one.
  • Tony D
  • 2 Black 2 Strong
    “I ain’t messing up on the air, man!”  Um, too late?
  • Tony D (w/ Dre and others)
  • Tim Dog
  • B. Chill
  • B. Fine
  • Mr. Law
  • Tony D
  • Zulu the One Man Gang
    Performing his LL parody, “Mama’s Gonna’ Whoop My Ass.”
  • Zulu and Courageous Chief
    Zulu and Courageous Chief (who is still around, now going by Popa Chief) go back and forth.  An interesting bit comes at the end where they try to get G to rhyme.  G says, “I’m gonna hold off… maybe next week” and claims to have been working on something.  I don’t think this ever materialized.
  • Zulu
    Performs “Drug Dealer Man.”  The second verse is pretty funny.
  • Poor Righteous Teachers: “Rock This Funky Joint (remix)”
    This was released on 12″, but I loved it when it came out so closed out side A with it.

I looked forward to “Thursday Night Live” every week because you just never knew who was going to show up.  This tape is a good sampling of what came out of those sessions.

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  2. That “Mama’s Gonna Whoop My Ass” is from a Halloween episode. I had that on a tape but it broke. Hilarious. This post is the motherlode.

    By Tom on Feb 22, 2008

  3. To whom it may concern…this Zxulu formerly spelled Zulu! I just want to thank you for posting this collection! I am thirty eight now and Host of a very popular Radio Show called “Zxulu and the Family”. It almost brought tears to my eyes listening to myself spit at 21 years old!! just as raw and lil corny at times.Lol never the less I thank you for bringing back such good memories of when hip hop was pure, non commercial and drug, thug infested!! Get at me if you ever need anything!!!


    By zxulu on May 10, 2008

  4. This joint is hilarious! The funniest shit was that Tim Dog kept fuckin & blaming it on the DJ. Me and my brother Borne(aka Chill aka #9 RIP) were in the back rollin!!! Good shit my ninja!

    By Bobbie Fine on Jan 30, 2009

  5. This is too crazy I remember doing these shows with Tony, Greg G, Big Bod, Snow, EZ M. Wow I havent thought about this in a minute. B Fine what’s good?

    By Camari AKA CURSH AKA BIG C on Apr 9, 2009

  6. Please be as kind as to re-upload this. Thank you.

    By eoe on Sep 24, 2015

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