Armageddon In Domestic Society’s: “1987 Demo”

February 1, 2008 – 1:45 pm

aids-jcard-sm.jpg As far as I can tell, there’s not a single bit of information out there about unsigned mid-80’s New Jersey punk band Armageddon In Domestic Soceity’s [sic] (or just Armageddon In Domestic Society, depending on where you look on the J-card).

A.I.D.S. was made up of bassist/vocalist/partime guitarist “Sanchez” (perhaps Ramon Rodriguez, who was the group’s contact at 1108 North Ave, Elizabeth, NJ), guitarist John, and drummer Nelson. While Ramon Rodriguez is a common name, he may now be a realtor in North Arlington, NJ, just 10 miles from where A.I.D.S. received their mail (wrong guy – see comments).

This demo, made up of songs written between 1985 and 1987, was recorded at JMM Studios in NJ in August of 1987. It was engineered by Jerry Manno (currently a popular professor at DeVry). The cover a mixture of a hand-drawn logo and typewriter text, photocopied on standard weight paper. The cassette is a normal bias Radio Shack Supertape LN-60 with a typewritten sticker. The recording tabs are still in tact.

As is typical with demo bands, A.I.D.S. included a “no thanx” section in the liner notes. It read: “No thanx: Those of you who never took the time to listen or even tried to understand. You’re all uninformed!” They also offer “A Mighty F.O.A.D. [Fuck Off And Die, I assume?] to Peter Tursha and all at Billy O’s!” Billy O’s was apparently a venue in NJ. Please note, lastly, that “Unauthorized Reproduction [is] Prohibited. (But it makes us a hell of a lot bigger!).” I guess I’m helping to make them bigger by posting this?

In terms of the music, I’m not all that well versed in punk history. While this was recorded well after punk’s early 80’s heyday, it still sounds good and has some good tracks. I’m particularly fond of “Fuck the Cops,” which could easily be the motto of any punk band, ever.

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  2. Just when you thought absolutely no one would remember something as obscure as this tape (and this band) of ours, here it is in all it’s bawdy glory. Contrary to popular belief I am not now, nor have I ever been, a real estate agent in NJ. LOL

    The band disbanded in 1989 due to lack of support from what was left of the original hardcore following in those days. What was once hardcore was now all about breakdowns and crossover appeal and I saw no sense in it. You couldn’t get a decent show from any decent promoter unless you were within a clique. Exit… stage left!

    Our guitarist John went on to finish college and got a decent Wall St. job, our drummer Nelson has worked a myriad of jobs since and I went on to bounce around from job to job for a number of years.

    We haven’t spoken much since, but this tape brings back a lot of bitter and sweet memories for me.

    At 38, I’ve just resigned from a job with the federal government after 13 years of thankless service. Funny, you rail against “the man” in your youth, you then take a job with “the man” and eventually, you come to realize that what you thought you knew at 14 is the reality of your life 24 years later.
    There are a few of us left who remember the old heyday of punk/hardcore and we’re doing our best to keep it alive by staying a part of it now, in these, our later years. What was once about being a part of something more than ourselves has become about individuality and that is something I will never conform to.

    It started in the streets and, albeit a decent payday every now and again couldn’t hurt, it will stay in the streets, and on MySpace, for as long as I can stand it.

    Check out my new (at 38+) band:

    Much respect to Laze for making this relic available to you all and stirring up a TON of good old memories…

    Peace & Respect,
    Razor “Sanchez” Ray

    By Razor "Sanchez" Ray on Feb 25, 2008

  3. Yo…A.I.D.S. demo link is broken…i remember you from way back when this was recorded…my bro (younger than me) is a guitarist and we were talking about back in the day stuff and decided to search the AIDS stuff…i was way young..just made teen years when you n your crew would be around in this old school brown..Nova maybe…not sure exactly…over by palisade/princeton road/baldwin place in elizabeth by the little church(still there)anyways…would be cool to be able to download that demo if you could provide me a link…the A.I.D.S. was spray painted throughout the streets in yellow from what i remember as a youngan…downloaded F the cops…memory was cool man….get back at me…thanks!!

    By Gus on May 7, 2008

  4. Link fixed (finally).

    By laze on Jun 10, 2008

  5. I remember this tape! I still have it somewhere packed away for safety and posterity. Ray / Ramon gave the tape to me when they first were made. We were dating at the time. He was an absolute sweetheart. Intelligent, handsome,and talented. Yet, tough, intimidating to others who judge people by looks, and had a protective nature. I really loved him. If most men attempted to be half the man Ray was the world would be a better place.

    By little jay on Jul 3, 2018

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