Raw Deal: November 14, 1991; Sounds of the Underground: November 15, 1991

June 15, 2008 – 11:18 pm
You're viewing an archived episode of Club Krush or Raw Deal that aired on WPRB. From May 2015 on, you should visit the Raw Deal Radio Archives for a more complete (and still growing) collection of shows, playlists, photos, drops, and more. Read more here...

Here’s 45 minutes of Raw Deal from November 14, 1991, probably from 10:05-10:50pm. Some highlights include an EPMD St. Ides commercial, a heavily-echoed commercial for The Funhouse (a club in Philly) that assures partygoers that “all problems are resolved,” a nice remix of the Fu-Schnicken’s “Ring the Alarm,” some ill live Naughty By Nature (was this ever released on one of their albums?), an ad for a Naughty By Nature/Black Poets/Zulu/Courageous Chief show, and a shout-out to “A chickenfoot in the circle” (?!!). This is a particularly inspired set from Easy-M, even with the occasional table skips. Lots of energy here.

Side B is 45 minutes of “Sounds of the Underground,” presumably from the same night (technically the next morning since the show started at midnight).

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