DJ Jay-Ski: Radio mix [1992]

July 13, 2008 – 5:15 pm

This 24-minute mix features my man DJ Jay-Ski on FM radio in 1992. Jay features a lot of great forgotten tracks, including tracks from Tuff Crew, Too Poetic, YZ, and Stezo and lots of chigga-chiggas for the scratch happy. Great stuff.

This is the B-side of yesterday’s DJ Kam mix. I suspect it came from Q102, but I’m not totally sure.

Does this post look like it's missing a download or streaming link? I'm currently in the (slow) process of getting the content moved over to the Internet Archive for a more permanent hosting solution. If you'd like me to hurry up already and get this particular audio back online soon, leave a comment!
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  2. Hey, I was wondering if you could help me out.
    There are a few songs in my head from back in the 90’s, & I can’t find them because I have no idea who sings them.
    The first: is a song that they would play on q102 hip hop review called “unsolved mystery”.
    Number two: was a song from around 1990 or 91, called “I get lifted” (that one was pretty popular).
    And finally there was a song played on WPRB’s Thursday night show around 1990, called “outstanding”. I think it was a nj rapper.

    If you could help me out I’d really appreciate it.
    By the way I love what you guys are doing with these old taped shows. These are absolutely priceless! I wish that I could find some of my old tapes. MAN, those precious memories!
    Keep up the good work, & please keep them coming!

    By George on Mar 16, 2009

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