DJ Ran: Friday Night Street Jams: July 1, 1993

July 14, 2008 – 4:00 pm

Back in 1993, DJ Ran was known throughout Philly, but hadn’t yet reached the nationwide recognition he’d see a few years later when he began appearing on WCW television broadcasts, of all places.

This mix is from the July 1, 1993 show Ran did with Don “Mystic” Mack on Power 99. It kicks off with “Don’t Ride Me Now” by Aisha (I think), which is a surprisingly driving track that I don’t remember anything about and is followed by a Pharcyde remix instrumental track with DJ Ran cutting Jerky Boys calls on top. The rest of the set is pretty solid, with a few surprises (like another track by Aisha about having her picture on a million dollar bill and some ragga courtesy of Tiger and Burro Banton).

This is side A of a tape that also features a DJ Jay-Ski mix (coming tomorrow).


(More formats are available at the IA archive page.)

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  2. DJ Ran was that dude back in the day. Thanks for these!

    I remember Ran’s lil “ra-ra-ran!”, and one afternoon he played the whole snippet where he got it from. I was in heaven.

    By khal on Jul 16, 2008

  3. Huge thanks for posting this! Not many classic Power 99 rips can be found on the net. I remember Friday Night Street Jams from the intro. I found out a few years later that Funkmaster Flex aired a show with the same name on Hot 97. I have some classic Come Up Show tapes from the late 90s with Cosmic Kev but I have no way of getting them to MP3.

    By J. Harris on Oct 30, 2008

  4. Ran , RRRRRRRRRandy , he already knows he’s my inspiration for touching the Tables 21 years strong and the man is my Jedi Master.. WUSL , Power 99 , Radio Active was all I listened to when i lived back East(Dover ,D.E.) as a teenage hungry Dj.

    Please post some Old school Radio Active shows!!! find em , rip em!! post em!! this takes me back and puts such a smile on my face.

    Thank You..

    Dj Episode
    Tech.Nitions (Still Representing!!)
    Des Moines Iowa

    By Dj Episode (Tech.Nitions) on Mar 4, 2009

  5. i remember countless weekends with blank tdk 90’s (or maxell when i was broke) trying to rec/pause out the commercials to get the illest mixes to bang until the next show!


    By monsta on Jul 11, 2009

  6. When you mention Ran to me I start thinking Radio Activity which was cool yet they the station was in the competitive years with W.D.A.S having it’s own rap show and a couple colledge joints. You guys make me feel old since the hottest days of Power 99 were when Lady B was on it or should I say started it, can’t complain though Radio Activity did the damn thing but I wasn’t a regular listener anymore since I was too busy doing my own thing at the time. I recorded sets though just like you and later took out the commercials and stuff but your era is so similar to mines I can remember back in like 80 when Wendy Clark ( Lady B) was on W.H.A.T 1340 AM with the rap show I would listen to the entire show with my hands on the pause button and rewinding back to get it right since she talked so much back then. I made the beats from songs prolong so that I had music to rap too again it was so hard because she talked so much but none the less all these tapes are treasures now since it is 17 years old Sheesh!! Man yall are making me old!! Thanks and keep em coming!!!

    By olskool4real on Feb 11, 2010

  7. get this back up!! I need some classics!!!


    By 2 cool c on May 14, 2014

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