DJ Jay-Ski: Back in the Day Weekend [1993] and Colby Colb: Radioactive [1993]

July 15, 2008 – 12:00 pm

Here’s a dope mix of 80s hip-hop (after a few 90s tunes) courtesy of Jay-Ski during the early days of his stint at Q102. Kurtis Blow, T La Rock, Mantronix, and Stetsasonic are represented and there’s an ill segment where Jay cuts up Cash Money’s scratches on “Ugly People Be Quiet.”

After Jay’s set, for some reason there are a couple of Arrested Development tracks and then a brief set from Colby Colb‘s “Radioactive” show on Power 99 (there are a few of cool drops by LL, Tupac, and Run-DMC worth checking). Colby Colb’s set features a random kiddie group (a la Kriss Kross and Da Youngsta’s) named The Chronic (sp?) with a really mediocre track called “Sometimes It Be’s Like That.”

This is side B of the DJ Ran mix that I posted yesterday.

Back in the Day Weekend


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  2. thanks man, just listening to this now, its dope

    By tris on Sep 9, 2008

  3. yo cuz, you just blew my mind. i used to fall asleep to radioactive back in the day when i was a young buck. i had so many tapes that i would play until they snapped (just like your header). i lost most of them and thought they would only be a memory. younger heads try to break my balls about the new stuff but it just don’t compare. especially the art of the party mixtape. thanks for keepin it alive! ra-ra-radio-active…

    By BIG MIKE on Nov 16, 2008

  4. randy rrrr ra ra randy!

    i’m gonna say thanks here for all of the posts!

    please post all you have. I appreciate these very much. I’ll try to get some of my choppy old jumping around ran tapes up soon.

    By thanks on Dec 29, 2008

  5. The KRONIC actually…from ATL…yeah pretty blah.


    By Martay on Feb 16, 2010

  6. Make sure you log onto and peep out some classic Radioactive interviews

    By Colby Colb on Oct 31, 2010

  7. Yo, the file is gone. Can you re-up it?

    By Ryan on Apr 26, 2018

  8. Back up now!

    By laze on Apr 28, 2018

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