DJ Mike 2600 – C’mon Man… Can’t You Just Play Some Hip Hop?

December 3, 2008 – 6:47 pm

Here’s a great mix I picked up online six years ago. DJ Mike 2600 (aka DJ Mike the 2600 King) of the Litterthugz dropped this gem back in 2001 and manages to mix Hall & Oates with MC Shan and a computerized voice reciting Flavor Flav lyrics. It’s pretty bonkers and needs to be checked out.

What’s even cooler about this tape is that it appears each cassette was spray painted and labeled with marker, by hand. I wonder how many of these exist.

As far as I can tell, this mix is no longer sold anywhere, in any format.

Update: I got this when I dropped DJ Mike the 2600 King an e-mail about posting his tape:

OH SHIT! Big up dude! I have one copy of this on cassette and hadn’t gotten around to digitizing it yet. You might be the first one to do it. So cool to see the tape and the liner notes and sticker and everything!

How many did I make? Man… I’d say about 100. Between this and Yars Revenge, probably 300 altogether, all spraypainted and doodled on. I would love to do something like that again if I had the time for it!

Thanks for doing this!

Download tape & art or stream below

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  2. there are so many reasons why this mix is so ill! the mechanical “dam it feels good to see people up on it” is classic! Im a fan Laze, thanks for posting!

    By dj ragz on Dec 4, 2008

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