Remembering Tony D: Some Videos

April 8, 2009 – 5:50 pm

Props to Rock the Dub for linking up this great promotional (?) video with Tony D that I’d never seen before. It also reminded how much I loved the “Check the Elevation” video (how is that one not on YouTube?).

Here’s a recent one of Tone talking about his production credits:

And if you haven’t seen it, his video from a year or two ago, “The Boss is the Boss”:

Does this post look like it's missing a download or streaming link? I'm currently in the (slow) process of getting the content moved over to the Internet Archive for a more permanent hosting solution. If you'd like me to hurry up already and get this particular audio back online soon, leave a comment!
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  2. To tell you the truth, most Tony D videos are absent from Youtube. I look on a regular basis, and have for the past few years, and there are never any solo or with Crusaders for Real Hip Hop posted.

    By Matt on Apr 10, 2009

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