Raw Deal: July 1992

January 18, 2010 – 10:38 pm
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Here’s a random unlabeled tape from the PRB vaults. There was only about 30 seconds of music on side B, so here’s what was on side A.

I’m dating this one at early July 1992. For those OCD nerds that are interested in how I came to that… all of the newer tracks they played were released in 1992 and there’s a very short snippet of a commercial from the episode discussing Greek Picnic Weekend in Philadelphia, which in 1992, was on July 11 or 18.

There’s a little back and forth between Easy M and G on here as we join them partway into the show. They do a ticket giveaway for an Arrested Development/Disposable Heroes of Hiphoprisy/Me Phi Me show at Mahorn’s. They also mention an upcoming Pete Rock and CL Smooth show at the same joint. Mahorn’s was a club in NJ owned by former 76er Rick Mahorn. The club shut down a year-and-a-half later due to an issue related to gun violence, if I remember correctly. The segment in the linked video starting at 5 minutes shows the club’s final night ended in fights, captured on camera by Philly’s DJ Ran:

Kam and Chief are headed up to the studio but are late, apparently because they “took a wrong exit off the warpath.” The Crusaders for Real Hip-Hop are also on their way. The only guest in the studio is Harold from Up and Up Productions, a local recording studio that I think was in Willingboro (or maybe Trenton) and used to air ads on PRB featuring local talent. G also mentions the “phat package,” a giveaway batch of CDs and promo materials.

Tracks of note include the “brand new” “I Ain’t Da One” from Brothers Uv da Blakmarket, a Paterson, NJ-based crew associated with the Flavor Unit that put out one album on Select. Also work checking, the Little Bastards’ “Stunt, Get a Job” (the clean version of the A-side “Bitch, Get a Job” single).

The side ends with a “Time Vault” segment of old school cuts from Busy Bee and the Masters of Ceremony.


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  2. Mahorns!!!! Wow that took me back. This D.Groovy from Vibes & Vapors. Much thanks to Normal Bias for inspiring me to encode all the V&V tapes and throw them up as well (vibesandvapors.com). Anyone heard from G recently? I can’t front, he REALLY did a lot of work to make PRB hip hop radio what it was. Dude did a lot of legwork that the rest of us just didn’t have time to do. Again big shouts to the whole PRB family: Big Bob, Club Krush, 2Smooth, Raw Deal, Sounds of the Underground, and Vibes and Vapors. ..the NormalBias of course.

    By D.Groovy on Feb 9, 2010

  3. Hey, good to hear from you, man. I was glad to see how you’ve been working on getting your own shows digitized and posted.

    I hear from G occasionally. He’s still doing Wu-Tang promotion! He’s over on MySpace as “gthepromoter”.

    By laze on Feb 10, 2010

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