Raw Deal – December 1992

February 3, 2010 – 10:18 pm
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Another unlabeled PRB gem today. This one comes from December 3rd or 10th, 1992 (they advertise an upcoming event called TalentFest 92 (brought to you by Up and Up Studios) and later on, there are holiday ads) and features a lot of goodness. The tape starts at about 11:30pm.

The studio was packed full of guests, including DJ Kam, Courageous Chief (aka “Horrendous Teeth” according to G), Awol, a boisterous Tony D (fresh from the studio having recording some new tracks with the Poor Righteous Teachers), the Hillbillies (“straight out of Muck Holly”… and seriously, does no one remember “Bottom of the Hamper Jam”?), and others.

Perhaps the main reason to check this one out is the primary in-studio guest: a 23-year-old Apache (RIP). “Gangsta Bitch” had just hit and the album (Apache Ain’t Shit) was on the way. It’s kind of strange to come across this particular unlabeled tape so shortly after Apache’s death.

In addition to the typical “what’s up with your album”-type questions, we find out important things like Apache’s favorite ice cream flavor and how he knows “this thing ain’t gonna last” because he doesn’t like “industry people.”

Side B features a great Thursday Night Live session with DJ Kam on the wheels:

  • Awol
  • Tony D (RIP)
  • Courageous Chief
  • Baby Chill (RIP)
  • Almighty Poppa S-Man (from the Dungeon Lords)
  • The Coup Man (?) (from the Dungeon Lords)
  • EP (from The Hillbillies) (sounds like the only one that comes off the top)
  • B-Struck (from The Hillbillies)
  • EP
  • Tony D

The show features music from Cutty Ranks, Show and AG, Positive K, Heather B, Main Source, Chubb Rock, Das EFX, Grand Puba, Ice Cube, Diamond D, and The Funk Family.

The show closes out with G discussing some upcoming extended-length shows. He also pimps one of the early episodes of Vibes and Vapors.

This is a great 90 minutes. I hope I come across the earlier part of the show at some point.

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  2. Thanks for all of these WPRB tape rips. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate stuff like this.

    By Roy Johnson on Feb 13, 2010

  3. thank you a lot for this ! do you know the name of the das efx track? firts track on the b-side?


    By swing it on Mar 6, 2010

  4. YO,BOUT TIME SOMEBODY POSTED A SITE FOR THE OLD SCHOOL AND UNDERGROUND HEADS.JUST CAME ACROSS IT.I just turned 30 and dont like getting older but at the same time am so damn grateful to grow up listening and taping these dope shows.im a dj that strictly spins old school hip hop and good underground hip hop.i have radio tapes from wprb,radioactive,j-momma q-102,and more lucky to still have some,others got lost in moving from house to house.i wish i had a time machine to go back to the heavenly golden days cause nowadays shits wack.
    anyway,im not good with cpus but i got old radio tapes(all hip hop),mixes i made myself on da tables back in the day on cassette from the 90s and would be happy to share them with everyone.I also got a vast collection of vinyl and cds(over 1500 give or take all old school,underground hip hop)so give a holla if you want material or requests
    Dj kinetik aka Dman

    By TELAPATHIC on Apr 3, 2011

  5. oh swing,I’ll answer your question. that Das Efx track name is “jussamen” -pete rock remix, circa-1992.have it on wax man. oh and thank to the person who posted the raw deal shows and other classic shows on this site.much luv fam.peace

    By TELAPATHIC on Apr 3, 2011

  6. fam your the man for posting these joint. Im from south jersey right outside philly and i used to record off prb on thursdays and radioactive on power 99 on friday nights,but i moved down south in 2000 and lost all my tapes. The way i feel this minute all i can say is salute and i dont know if you still check this blog but there was this freestyle mad skillz did with lonnie b in 95 over the faith evans “you used to love me” instrumental if u have that can you please post..peace

    By Prolific on Jun 14, 2011

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