Club Krush: August 1990

March 19, 2012 – 11:12 pm
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This episode of Club Krush came from one of those colorful Memorex tapes that were everywhere in the late-80s and early-90s. While they were on the lower end in terms of tape quality, they occasionally made things even worse by tacking on an extra 20 minutes of blank tape as a bonus. Unfortunately, tapes over 90 minutes are more prone to breakage. Thankfully, this particular 110-minute tape hadn’t yet snapped, so I wanted to make sure it was archived early on.

I place this show in August 1990, though it’s possible it came from as early as July 1990. Three clues:

  • They talk about moving back to Thursday nights (for a brief time, they were on on Friday nights) in the third week of September,
  • DJ Cut Master B and DJ Juice talk up a DJ competition on September 7th and 8th, and
  • G heavily hypes the new Boogie Down Production album, Edutainment, which came out in July 1990 (source: AllMusic)

The tape quality’s not great and the show’s not terribly remarkable, but it is a solid one with some guests in the studio, discussing and debuting new music. Guests include the Suicide Posse, whose EP had just been pressed, 360 Degrees, whose very underrated EP had just hit stores, and Cut Master B and DJ Juice, who talked up an upcoming North Side Production$ 12″.

There’s a nice blend of an instrumental of EPMD’s “The Big Payback” with the vocals Eric B. & Rakim’s “I Know You Got Soul.”

side 1 / side 2

(Raw notes, including a track list, are available on the IA archive page. So are additional file formats.)

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