Point of Departure: August 20, 1995

June 24, 2014 – 8:47 pm

I thought I only had one episode of Point of Departure taped, but then I came across another 90 minutes from August 1995. Your host is Ludwig Van Trikt and the selections are, as always, excellent.

Track listing

  • Randy Weston: “La Voix Errante”
  • Pharoah Sanders: “You Got To Have Freedom”
  • Wadud: “Amina”
  • Matthew Shipp Quartet: “Critical Mass”
  • Natraj: “Avu Matodzo”
  • Ray Anderson: “Again Raven”
  • Bobby Zankel Septet: “Middle Way”
  • Gerry Hemingway: “As The Stars Faded And Dawn Began, Nothing Quite Looked The Same”

(You can download the show in various formats at the Internet Archive page.)

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