UndaGround Sound Mix Show: November 12, 1994 (WXDU 88.7, DJ Samps)

July 26, 2015 – 11:04 am

The UndaGround Sound Mix Show broadcast on WXDU 88.7 out of Durham, NC. It was hosted by DJ Samps and Mike Nice and I believe David J also had some involvement with the show.

Samps is still spinning on WXDU every Friday night. He can also be found on Twitter @deejaysamps.

I remember communicating with Samps back in the day, as he was one of the few hip-hop DJs (college radio or otherwise) that was on the Internet back in ’94. He agreed to play one of my tracks and send me a recording of the show (this one), which also featured a great David J remix of a Digable Planets track and a bunch of freestyles from unsigned artists.

Track list after the jump.

(Thanks to commenter Digital Stimulation for calculating the date on this one!)

Download this show or stream below

Side A

  • Intro
  • Peter Piper… Run-DMC
  • Be Happy… Mary J Blige
  • Suckas Need a Bodyguard… Gang Starr
  • Word is Bond (Remix) (feat. Diamond D)… House Of Pain
  • Rock On (Instrumental)… Funkdoobiest
  • Airbreak
  • Rock On… Funkdoobiest
  • Rockafella… Redman
  • Airbreak
  • You Can’t Freak With God… LAON (unsigned artist)
  • Mad Ism (feat. KRS-One)… Channel Live
  • Airbreak
  • 9th Wonder (David J Remix)… Digable Planets

Side B

  • 9th Wonder (David J Remix)… Digable Planets (cont.)
  • Everybody Wants to be a Prophet… Lyrical Prophets
  • What Goes On Pt. 7… The Roots
  • Airbreak with freestyles
    • Merciless
    • Shane (from Black Skills Productions)
  • Whutcha Want?… Nine
  • Airbreak with freestyles
    • ENS
    • others
  • Buck Em Down (Da Beatminerz Remix)… Black Moon
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  2. The date of this show is November 12, 1994, which was a Saturday. In the last freestyle one of the artists mentions they (Duke) lost that day in football to NC State 24-23, I looked it up and sure enough, it’s true.

    By Digital Stimulation on Apr 22, 2016

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