Hip-Hop Quarterly: Fall 1994

March 26, 2016 – 5:47 pm

It’s pretty much always audio around these parts, but today I wanted to share an old newsletter from the archives. I don’t know how many issues of this newsletter ultimately came out, but it’s possible this was the only one. What makes this one interesting is that it was published by Marcus A. Thompson, founding member of Timex Social Club. There’s also an insert ad for the world’s first hip-hop database, featuring a list of “over 4000 phrases of more than 75 groups […] to assist DJ’s, Producers and Artists with finding suitable phrases from other songs to scratch or sample.” You can tell this is a hip-hop newsletter because it features shout-outs, the first in the list to “God.”

I enjoyed the piece on how to use a VHS machine in place of a DAT recorder. Always wondered how that worked and never tried it out…

Download issue or browse below

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