Trancelike State 029703 – Stardate 79.72.20

April 18, 2016 – 4:35 pm

Here’s the fifth in the Trancelike State series (others), my electronica mix show from college. Tracklist after the jump.

(As a reminder to explain my goofy show titling/dating convension: the episode number of 029703 can be translated pretty simply: February 1997, third mix of the month. The “star date” was just my stupid way of designating specifically when the mix was done by writing the date backwards (so 79.72.20 is February 27, 1997).

Download episode or stream below

  1. Dungeon of Dub… Word Sound I-Powa
  2. Bug Powder Dust… Bomb the Bass (Remixed by Chemical Brothers, Extended and Wicked-ified by King Laze)
  3. Darkest Dub… Manasseh Meets the Equalizer
  4. Ascending… Possession African Dub
  5. Alfama (Dub)… Madredeus
  6. Jump Monk… Hal Wilner & Weird Nightmare
  7. Hot Dripping Zippers… Prince Charming
  8. Invasion Dub… Mad Professor

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