Introducing the DJ Flush Collection

September 27, 2017 – 4:39 pm

I’ve mentioned my cousin DJ Flush before — he’s the one person I most credit with getting me into hip-hop when I was still in elementary school. He’s about six years older than me and growing up, I idolized his vinyl and cassette collection. If I came home from a visit to his house with a new dub, I was set for the next six months.

Recently, I talked to Flush about getting his entire cassette collection digitized and online. It captures a segment in time of Philadelphia hip-hop radio during 1980s where amazing DJs would blend hip-hop and electro. Most tapes are from Power 99 (WUSL) or WDAS and feature assorted DJs ranging from Lady B to Jeff Mills to Cash Money to Jazzy Jeff. Some tapes are just favorite songs recorded off the radio, some are full DJ sets. Most are labeled with just numbers, so each one is a new surprise.

I will be posting tapes as I rip them. Initially they will likely not contain track listings, but I may go back and add them over time (feel free to contribute via the comments). I’ll include whatever information I can derive from listening to the tape (and bugging Flush for info).

Stay tuned… first tape coming soon!

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