Flush 37

February 18, 2018 – 11:50 pm

Flush had a series of tapes recorded in the mid-80s labeled simply with a number. This one is number 37 in that set and features some killer tracks. Side A features what sounds like a live recording “We’re Treacherous” by The Symbolic 3 (Sha-Love, Money Love, and Lady Luck) who were also known for their answer rap “No Show,” written by legend Mikey D (also featured here, sounding excellent). This segment is alone is worth the listen. That’s followed up by the original version of “Rock the Bells” (the one with, ya know, bells). Side B kicks off with the anti-cocaine rap “The Tragedy (Don’t Do It)” by Super Kids (featuring a very young Tragedy Khadafi).

Most of these recordings likely came from Power 99 or WDAS in Philly and feature early hip-hop.

Download or stream below

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