Dr. John Hagelin Radio Interview: Dallas, Texas, 12/15/1995

September 13, 2019 – 5:16 pm

From an era when third-parties seemed like they might actually make a difference in the political discourse comes this radio interview with three-time (then, two-time) Natural Law Party presidential candidate and quantum physicist Dr. John Hagelin. The interview aired on The Evening Talk Show on 90.1 FM, KERA (North Texas Public Broadcasting), hosted by Glenn Mitchell. It’s an interesting listen as it captures a period in time where post-Perot there was some belief that third parties had a shot at the big stage and not just local offices. Sure, no candidate has garnered so much as a single electoral vote, but Perot was able to snag nearly 20% of the popular vote in 1992, so hopes were high.*

I wasn’t terribly political in high school and college until the ’96 election when I got on board with Hagelin’s message. I liked what he had to say and appreciated his outsider nature. In 2000, I got more directly involved by maintaining my state’s Natural Law Party web site and acting as an elector for the party (which garnered me “guy walking by the camera” status on CSPAN-2 when the party’s convention aired there).

As time passed, the Natural Law Party disbanded and Hagelin generally got out of politics. My own views shifted and times changed. Nevertheless, listening back to things like this remind us where politics were almost 25 years ago and what one “outsider” candidate’s view was at the time.

(Plus, the caller that asks Hagelin about bonemeal and magnesium is just classic.)

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* There were a few electoral votes that went to candidates from outside the two major parties when some “faithless electors” broke ranks in the 2016 election and votes were cast for Libertarian Ron Paul and Yankton Sioux Nation independent Faith Spotted Eagle.

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