Jazz FM: Summer 1995

September 18, 2019 – 2:41 pm

Since this site launched way back in 2007, the tagline has been “archiving old cassettes before they snap.”

Guess what happened while digitizing this tape?

This is a recording off of WRTI in Philly (aka “Jazz FM,” at the time). Back when I was making beats, I heard a song come on the radio that I wanted to sample a bit off, so I hit record and just let the tape roll. This is that tape. A few years later, a much more talented producer and emcee heard my track and wanted to make his own beat using the same track. And after getting in touch with me, he did. It was super dope.

Musicwise, this is a show with a little bit of everything: funk-jazz, traditional, contemporary, and experimental. The tape is from the summer of 1995.

Download or stream below

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