Music to Which I Spin (Break) (Flush 61)

August 26, 2018 – 6:49 pm

Flush had a series of tapes recorded in the mid-80s labeled simply with a number. This one is number 61 in that set and is titled Music to Which I Spin (Break). Lots of dope electro, breaks, and early hip-hop.

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Sounds of the Underground: June 11, 1998

May 24, 2018 – 11:34 pm

This is an interesting recording, given that it comes five years after my last recording of WPRB. After graduating college, I came home and was sitting in my room one afternoon and on a whim, flipped the dial to 103.3. I was surprised to not only hear house music, but to hear Club Krush/Raw Deal’s former host Eazy M on the air. By this point, he was going just by DJ Marc Coleman and spinning strictly electronic music (with a focus on house, club, and trance). I remember calling him up to say hi and reminisce on the phone a bit about Raw Deal.

It’s only 45 minutes, but still a good listen as Marc was probably the only person in the area spinning drive time trance.

I estimate this to be June 11th because it’s a Thursday and though it’s not officially summer, he refers to it as “the first show of the summer” and makes reference to an event coming up on the 14th. It’s also definitely 1998 based on the music he plays.

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WWDB: June 22, 1992

May 22, 2018 – 12:40 pm

When I was in high school, I’d stay up late messing around online or coding, particularly during the summer. During those late night and early morning hours, I’d flip on the Home Shopping Club to have some constant chatter in the background or, as on this early Monday morning at 2am in June of 1992, I turned on the radio. For whatever reason that night, I was inspired to call into Philly talk station 96.5 FM WWDB and discuss not the politics of the burgeoning election season (thank goodness), but the stabbing death of a young man during Senior Week in Wildwood, NJ. The incident happened a mere 12 blocks from where my mom grew up and where my grandparents still lived at the time. I spent many summer days in Wildwood and figured I had some insight to give as a rising high school junior.

All told, it wasn’t the worst of phone calls. And since it was the first time my voice was on the radio, of course I threw a tape on to record it. This tape’s also interesting for some political discussion surrounding Ross Perot and his alleged spying on his own children and a great call from Joe from South Philly who says he wants some romance from the ladies before they get into anything else. Also, he says, “Every day is Father’s Day and Christmas.” This guy is a piece of work.

Some great ads on here, too.

Not sure who the host is — I don’t think he ever says his name — but he does a pretty good job of calling it down the center.

The tape starts a few minutes before 2am.

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Power 99: February 1993

May 9, 2018 – 2:50 pm

This is a short 11-minute recording of Power 99 FM in Philadelphia during an R&B show, but most of the recording is ads (thankfully). It’s from the first half of the month (as there’s a Valentine’s Day ad aired).

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Friday Night Street Jams: February 1993

May 9, 2018 – 12:18 pm

Super dope, hyped up set from Power 99. Fresh tablework on “Top Billin’.”

Likely from February 1993, based on other shows on the tape.

Playlist after the jump.

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