Podcast – 1 – A Tribute to Tony D

May 1, 2014 – 2:36 am

ton2[1] The debut episode of the Normal Bias podcast pays tribute to hip-hop producer, MC, and DJ Tony D who died in a car accident five years ago. In addition to classic and unreleased tracks recorded by Tone and beats that go for miles, I welcome some of the many talented artists and people that worked with Tone over the years. YZ, BeFyne, Mr. Law, Shawn Lov, G from WPRB, and Dre spend almost two hours sharing their memories of Tony and paying tribute to the man. King Shameek of Twin Hype and DJ Jay-Ski of the Skratch Makaniks also contribute stories about their time with Tone.

Track listing:

  • YZ: “Mixel Plic (Remix) (feat. Tony D and BeFyne)” (1991)
  • Crusaders for Real Hip-Hop: “That’s How It Is” (1992)
  • BeFyne: “Lose ‘Em (feat. Tony D)” (1992)
  • Baby Chill: “Wise to be a Wiseguy (feat. Tony D and BeFyne)” (unreleased, early 90s)
  • Tony D: “Check the Elevation” (1991)
  • Tony D & Prince Rakeem (RZA) Thursday Night Live session (1991/92)
  • Almighty & KD Ranks: “Trenton Where We Live (feat. Tony D)” (1991)
  • 7 Immortals (Feed, Don Blaq, Mo Flex, Shawn Lov, BeFyne, Courageous Chief, Low Key, and Fatha Ramzee; prod. Custodian of Records): “Thursday Night Live” (2012)
  • … and a buncha’ beats…


  1. 7 Responses to “1 – A Tribute to Tony D”

  2. Dont forget these TONY D Songs:




    By Dave Hauss on May 1, 2014

  3. Master of the Moaning Beats INDEED! Like King Sun would say ” A Yo Tone, Bus How!

    By Only One on May 5, 2014

  4. Thank you for assembling such a thorough broadcast…..This was a much needed….


    By DRASAR on May 5, 2014

  5. Nice Work !! thanks a lot

    By unikone on May 6, 2014

  6. r-i-p tony d my hommie drasar put me on to this peace to all true school hip hop heads ha iw tbk wots boom skwad universal zulu nation.

    By alter baboon on May 7, 2014

  7. Does anyone have a copy of the Tony D song “Charles Manson of Rap”?

    By Steve on Aug 17, 2014

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